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No missions found

Zero Week

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This mission will cover the time for people to come aboard Starbase 329 and mess around until we can are cleared by the Bravo Fleet Admiralty to begin formal operations.

Bad Moon Rising

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The crew of the Hammersley arrives in the Delta Quadrant via the Epatha Gateway to find that Starbase 900 has been destroyed and that they are several light years off course. Encountering a piece of the starbase, they elect to investigate and determine what happened and rescue any survivors.

This mission takes place in a previously completed timeframe. Loose ends will be tied up in our newest mission.

Aut Vincere Aut Mori

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As Task Force 38 Command receives a distress call from the lost ship USS Hammersley, Lieutenant Commander Leopold Connolly and the crew of the USS Coulson are sent to investigate and retrieve the ship.