Welcome to the USS Hammersley!

USS Hammersley Seal

Space... A massive expanse of new civilizations and discoveries waiting to be made. In the shadows, unknown threats lie in wait, ready to strike out at the Federation's presence until it is no more...

Enter the Hammersley, an Atlantia Class Starship assigned to Task Force 38 of the Fourth Fleet. Our mission is one of peace through strength- when our allies call for help, the Hammersley is first on the scene providing anything from disaster response to assistance with diplomatic negotiations.

The Hammersley is a simulation of a different kind. While we adhere to a medium pace, we also aim to have a higher quality of storylines. We are home to the only Strategic Assessment Operations Center, which combines the intrigue of Intelligence and Strategic Operations with the integral duty of diplomacy.

Our simulation takes place in the year 2389, ten years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. So walk through our corridors and become immersed in our exploits. If you have what it takes to join us, then pull up a chair and become a part of our next great adventure!

We are current members of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38, Delta Exploration Initiative