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Master Chief Petty Officer Tanner Willeg

Name Tanner Willeg

Position Command Master Chief

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Branch of Service Starfleet
Rank Type Enlisted

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft2
Weight 130
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black


Father Tanner T Willeg
Mother Belanus Sidhe
Brother(s) Taran Willeg (half)
Sister(s) Christina Willeg (half)
Mae Willeg (half)

Personality & Traits

Service Record 2377 Boarded Galaxy Class USS Presidio as civilian
--Named official Civilian Chef, Crew Chef
--Named official Civilian Chef, Diplomatic Chef
2378 (31st October) Enlisted in Starfleet. NCO Engineer, USS Presidio
2380 Transfer USS Sentinel
2382 Transfer Outpost Epsilon Librae
2384 Transfer USS New Jersey
2385 Transfer USS USS Pheonix

Engine Systems
.Internal Combustion
-Stirling Mechanical Systems
-Stirling Theoretical Engineering
-Theoretical Engineering
-Emergency/Combat Engineering
-Theoretical Engineering Construction

Medical History:
Cleared for duty.
No further medical record.

Record Notations/Reviews:

"Tanner's sense of right and wrong is commendable, though not always advisable. She has a tendency to be temperamental, and to follow her own judgment rather than that of her commanding officer. While this doesn't always follow protocol or COC, she would never harm the ship or crew. And while her judgement doesn't always agree with that of her CO, I've yet to find it faulty." --Lt. Miller, engineering, USS Presidio

"Tanner has ideas that are both innovative and risky. She's prone to minor mischief, but gets along well with the rest of the engineering staff and crew. I would not recommend her for away mission duty, unless the plan is to end up in an alien prison. But a great officer to have in a pinch." --Lt. Cmdr. Hardee, engineering, USS Sentinel

"Rather than using command tactics, Chief Willeg chooses to lead her team by example. While her methods aren't always in following with protocol, she has a talent of finding creative solutions. Agreeable or not, I can find no fault in that which gains results." --Cmdr. A. O'Connor, XO, USS Sentinel.

"Ms. Willeg is an interesting individual with a deep paranoia of medical personnel, and psychologists especially. Though she walked into my office voluntarily, she proceeded to tell me she did not like me, because I'm a counselor. She's an animated young woman, friendly and outgoing, and despite her claim of hatred, I do not see her having any true malice. It's quite obvious that she does not, or at least hasn't recently, get the required sleep, and her comments indicate she drinks too much caffeine. Unlike most patients, Tanner did not come to counseling for help, direction, advice, or reassurance. Quite honestly, I believe she came to my office, because she was kicked out of engineering and told to get some rest, and rather than following instructions, she stopped here, out of boredom. Though I can't make a definite commentary on her psychological welfare, she seems healthy, and as mentally stable as the rest of us." --Dr. S. P. Sydney, psychologist, USS Presidio